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FWD Logistics makes sure your shipping needs are taken care of in a relaxing manner. We aim to provide you with all the necessary transparency, assistance and explanation you’ll ever need. And if you don’t need any of that, we’ll just make sure your shipment get where it needs to be, when it needs to.

Our lightning-quick response times, combined with the expertise of each and every employee at FWD Logistics, ensures the precise timing, quality and safety of your shipment. Whether you’re shipping from China or anywhere else in the world, we’ll be by your side.

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We make sure your shipment arrives safely and

From the moment your shipment leaves your caring hands, until the moment it arrives at its final destination, we’ll be tracking it. Just to make sure nothing gets in the way of your business. And if you’d like to, you can track it with us. That way you’ll be up to date on everything to keep your partners in the loop.

And rest assured: if anything unexpected occurs, we’ll be on top of it to get your shipment where it needs to go.

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Worldwide Coverage

There is not a single place on earth we
haven’t been.

At FWD Logistics, we’ll take you all around the world. Our experienced and worldwide network of partnerships ensures that wherever your shipment needs to go, we’ll be able to provide assistance. Our network of partners resides all the way from Holland to China and beyond. That way, you’ll always be working with an expert.

And rest assured: if you need shipping to a location unknown to mankind, we’ll do anything to make it work.

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Devoted to You

We’ll go to the end of the world for our

Our loyalty to our customers goes above and beyond. Whenever you need our assistance for example, there will always be a expert ready for you. We are a fully independent company aswell, so you’ll always receive the advice that suits you best. Whatever your shipping challenge might be, we’re right by your side.

And rest assured: if you’re leftover with any unanswered questions, we’ll be more than happy to answer each and every single one for you.

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We’ve compiled our list of the most frequently asked logistical questions.

FWD ships anything; from a nice bottle of brandy to a 56 tons shunter. For every shipment, FWD will find the most suitable and economic solution. No matter what the volume or weight is.

FWD fully takes care of all customs matters, even when they are complicated. Our in-house customs department has the knowledge to solve any of your customs related questions or problems. For both import-or export shipments , our experts will provide you with all necessary information needed to pass customs.

FWD does not only arrange the transport of your products; FWD also advise customers about the best suitable solution for their shipment, considering the volume and weight. But a choice for LCL or FCL is not just a choice of the most economic solution, but can also be decided on other needs of the customer like speed, safety, commodity, destination. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you on making the right choice!

FWD has a very strong network of partners, specially in China and the USA. We will connect our partner to your supplier, and from there your shipment will be picked up in a professional way and all needed customs formalities for exports are taken care of. FWD provide their customers with real time status information, so they know when to expect their merchandise.

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At FWD Logistics, we aim to be your shipping partner of choice. Our many years of experience in the shipping business have provided us with many great partners, connections and knowledge to be of perfect assistance in any shipping related business endeavor. Our international network of independent partners makes sure we can offer the highest service levels, whilst also being very competitively priced.

We take great pride in having a specialized team of logistical experts that are available to assist you around the clock. We aim to be as pro-active as possible while also maintaining short response times for incoming questions. All our clients can be sure of quick and professional assistance whenever necessary, so you can continue doing business in the way you’re used to.

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